The grass cheat is back to the PUBG Mobile game, and the developer warns and updates the protection system.
  • 12, Jan, 2021

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The grass cheat is back to the PUBG Mobile game, and the developer warns and updates the protection system.

It is not new to the PUBG Mobile game, the continuous series of repeated cheats, which are not bored by a group of players who only want to win in an easy way even if it is not fair, and this category is fully aware of spoiling the enjoyable playing experience, whether on them or on other players.

The problem is that these types of cheating, whether by modifying the graphics by removing weeds such as "sliders" and others, and in order for the enemies to appear clearly and without visual effects, or by installing some programs that work to raise the frame rate in the game better, all methods are not new, Rather, it is old and most of the accounts that used it have been closed for a period of 10 years due to violating the rules of the game.

Despite that, the PUBG Mobile game is still unable to face the most famous hack so far, which is the use of the Sharp Shooter, which we will talk about and its harms in another single article, and we do not know how the developer company is fighting these new ways of using hacks.

It is noteworthy that in the first week of the new year, that is, at the end of the sixteenth season, the anti-fraud team of PUBG Mobile banned one million and 754 thousand accounts, of which 28 percent were automatic correction hacks, 24 percent used x-ray vision, and 15 percent used Hacking speed, 14 percent on area damage modification, 12 percent on miscellaneous cheats, and finally 7 percent on character model modification.

The popularity of the PUBG Mobile game makes it vulnerable to these types of cheating operations and is very large and one of the reasons for its meaning of cheating as we mentioned in previous articles is because it is free and available on various devices and developers try to fight this phenomenon that has corrupted the experience of millions of players around the world, and work to provide an experience Fair to all.


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