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IT Pro Challenge Labs

Challenges are divided into three levels:

Microsoft Azure Challenge Labs

Guided Azure Demo
Configuring Blob Storage with Public Access

In this challenge, you will create an Azure storage account with a public container, upload files to the account, and test public access to the account.

Take the Challenge: https://www.itproskills.com/demo-lab-form?labid=53221

Advanced Azure Demo
Can you Provision Public and Private Blob Storage for a Web App?

In this challenge, you will provision a storage account with a private container and a public container. You will also provision a key vault to securely store the storage account key.

Take the Challenge: https://www.itproskills.com/demo-lab-form?labid=53223

Expert Azure Demo
Can you Provision Data Storage for a Web App in Azure?

In this challenge, you will provision all data components for a line of business application. This includes Azure storage, Azure SQL database, Cosmos DB, and search.

Take the Challenge: https://www.itproskills.com/demo-lab-form?labid=53222


Amazon AWS Challenge Labs

Guided AWS Challenge
Designing a VPC and Associated Subnets using AWS

In this challenge, you will learn how to create a custom Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and three private subnets to span availability zones using AWS.

Take the Challenge: https://www.itproskills.com/demo-lab-form?labid=53220


Advanced AWS Challenge
Can you Design a Cloud Network using AWS?

In this challenge, you will verify your skills while creating a cloud network with both private and public subnets using AWS.

Take the Challenge: https://www.itproskills.com/demo-lab-form?labid=53219


Linux Challenge Labs

Guided Linux Demo
Edit Text Files in Linux

In this challenge, you will edit Linux configurations, many of which are stored in text files. You will create files using Vim and Nano, and then you will edit the files. You will also use file management commands.

Take the Challenge: https://www.itproskills.com/demo-lab-form?labid=53224

Advanced Linux Demo
Can you Configure ACL Permissions in Linux?

In this challenge, you will manage permissions to resources by using Access Control Lists (ACLs). You will create the needed resources, configure standard Linux permissions, create ACL entries and then remove ACL entries from the resources.

Take the Challenge: https://www.itproskills.com/demo-lab-form?labid=53225


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