How to get 3 months free on Skillshare in 2020
  • 30, Mar, 2020

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How to get 3 months free on Skillshare in 2020

What is Skillshare?

Everyone has had that moment when you discover something new, and you are desperate to learn more about it. In the past, you would maybe get a book on the topic in the library. Nowadays, we more often quickly look it up on the internet and maybe watch the first youtube video that pops up in the search results. This way of learning often leads to misunderstandings and can often result in you giving up on the topic. Sites like youtube are full of people trying to teach you new things who often don’t have the right knowledge on that topic you’re looking to learn more about or you end up watching a video series that isn’t complete.

These are some of the problems Skillshare fixes. Skillshare is a website that hosts over 30,000 online video courses. These courses cover hundreds of different topics and are created by experts on these topics. The courses aren’t ordinary video courses either. Many classes include different prompts and other ways to stay interactive while learning. If you want to share your work with others, the Skillshare community consists of over 7 million creators with whom you can collaborate and share your work. With the Skillshare app, you can even continue learning while you’re on the road or don’t have access to your computer. A Skillshare membership starts at $15 per month but luckily they have a great trail program in which you can try skillshare out for a few weeks. For many people, this trial period may even be enough to learn about that certain topic you found out about.

Why use Skillshare?

Many people that want to learn about new subjects on the internet, quickly turn to free websites like YouTube to find tutorials and how-to videos. Most tutorials on these websites, however, don’t have a lot of credibility, unfortunately. You are often unsure about who is teaching you and what their experience is. Besides that, being able to find the right videos is often hard and may even be incomplete when you find them. Skillshare provides an easy solution to this problem. Skillshare provides a large collection of video courses that are all taught by industry experts. The classes are often more complete and in-depth than those on other sites.

Using Skillshare to get better at design

Skillshare offers a wide variety of different courses that you can choose from. They range from classes about business to more creative classes like illustration or logo design. If you want to learn more about a creative subject, Skillshare one of the best options out there. Many famous graphic designers, logo designers and typographists have their own classes that cover many different subjects. Skillshare also allows you to share your finished work with the Skillshare community so you can receive feedback and ultimately improve your work even more. The way that Skillshare works, makes it way more useful for learning design than other course platforms. Courses do not only try to tell you what to do, but they also offer an interactive experience for you to work with. Many courses also offer many resources that you can use in your learning process, making Skillshare a more efficient way to learn design.

Using Skillshare for other subjects

Skillshare isn’t only a great site for learning about design and other creative subjects. They recently added a lot of other classes that have to do with subjects like business, productivity, and marketing. These classes can be incredibly useful if you want to learn about leadership and how to set up your first business.

How to get 3 months free on Skillshare?

When you sign up for Skillshare via their own site, you will often be offered one free month. One month might be enough for some people to get to know how it all works and if it is worth paying monthly for, but it’s always nice if there is a way to get more free months. Now if you click the link below, to sign up for a Skillshare trial, you’ll be offered two months. Again, this is probably enough for some but if you want to have the full three first months for free, there is a trick you can use. It is fairly simple after you’ve signed up, simply cancel the membership. When you try to cancel the membership, most of the time you will be given an additional month for free. This will mean that you got 3 months for free in total. After receiving your free additional month, you can cancel after all.

Sign up using this link: Sign up now


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