Clash Of Clans Private Server Mod 2020
  • 22, Mar, 2020

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Clash Of Clans Private Server Mod 2020

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Clash of Clans is one of the most successful real-time strategy games on Android. This title produced by Supercell has been downloaded millions of times and has generated an income which also makes it one of the most profitable games around.

Clash of Clans - but maxed out with gems, elixir, and coins

However, given that not everyone is willing to fork out real cash for the purchase of in-app items for their matches, MODs have been developed which allow players to access all the content for free. One of these MODs is Clash Hero, where you will get the maximum amount of coins, elixir, and gems and will be able to produce or construct an unlimited number of buildings and units, as well as being able to speed up all of the processes in the game.

As is common in this kind of application, the action takes place on a private server, meaning that you cannot be banned for using tricks, hacks or cheats. This also means that any other user playing on one of these servers will also have all the same advantages that you enjoy, so everything gets evened out at the end of the day. Nevertheless, everyone using this kind of app can enjoy all of this strategy game’s very best benefits, without having to progress through its levels, which is the main advantage of and the main reason for using a MOD.


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