PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update is most anticipated by players right now. The next update promises to deliver some additional feature, according to reports. May has ended and June is finally here. We’re so close to PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 major update. We will have some amazing new features like maps, vehicles, events and new weapons. Let’s have a look at Everything we know about 0.19.0 update until now.

Release Date

Only a month has been remaining now until next PUBG mobile update. The 0.19.0 update will roll out on 14th of July 2020 after the Season 13 ends (12th July). However, we are still waiting for official confirmation, but most likely it’s 14th of July.

Additional Features

This shooting action Battle royale game is expected to add new features in PUBG Mobile like New map ‘Fourex‘, New vehicle ‘Monster Truck’, and New sniper ‘Mosin Nagant.’


Fourex is the combination of all four major maps of PUBG Mobile brought together in the space of 2×2 km. It borrows the traits from each PUBG mobile maps. Fourex consist of some hidden locations to explore. However, it won’t be added or replaced by any classic map. Tencent’s adding the Fourex to Arcade Map.


Additionally, the map features a brand new vehicle Monster Truck that has its own advantages and disadvantages. This huge vehicle in PUBG Mobile with large tyres, specialized for travelling on hills, terrains and mountains.

Tier Rewards

PUBG Mobile Season 14 Tier rewards have exclusive gifts and items. As usual, it starts from Gold Tier and ends on Ace with specified Season parachute.

Gold and Platinum Tier Rewards take us to medieval era with classic armor in leather clothing and a mask.

Diamond Tier Reward consist of M24 sniper rifle skin that matches the previous costume. Players who don’t have any M24 skin, this might be the chance.

Season 14 Royal Pass

PUBG Mobile Royal Pass always brings us large number of items and exclusive skins and players find it worth spending their money on. Season 14 Royal Pass will also have amazing gifts, UCs, Skins, Emotes, outfits and special Gift at 100RP.

Rewards are not only limited to Elite Pass members but also to those who have Free Pass. The top tier reward of Season 14 features some mecha-egyptian-pharaoh set blended nicely in modern and ancient combination.