PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update has rolled out about two weeks back, bringing a lot of new features for the PUBG Mobile players to try out. One of the unique features is the guncraft firearm.

A lot of players are wondering what the guncraft firearm feature is all about.

What is Guncraft Firearm in PUBG Mobile?

In this, the players can craft their brand new skin of a gun. It is available under the workshop option. The players would be provided with colours, textures, patterns and stickers, which they can apply to the weapon which they want to customize.

One can customize the size of the stickers and patterns on the gun. Only some primary colours and textures are provided to the players to modify the skin. Some of the premium textures, colours would be available to be purchased by the players via using UC.

Do-it-Yourselfer achievement

In PUBG Mobile, there is a Do-it-Yourself achievement available now in which the players have to kill enemies with guncraft weapons to obtain certain rewards.

At 10 kills – 1000 BP

At 50 kills – 100 AG

At 150 kills – 3 Classic Crate Coupon Scraps

Free S12K skin

Guncraft option consists of a spin, which provides the players with textures, colours and other items which the player can obtain to customize the gun, the first spin of the day is free for the players after that each turn would cost 60 UC.

The players can obtain a free S12K skin after the player uses the guncraft spin once.

 This is a unique feature added to PUBG Mobile, which will enable players to create a new skin based on their preference. The players can unleash their creativity and design skins of high quality.

This feature is only available for individual players which could be caused due to some glitch and is likely for every player soon.

There is also a Guncraft Tinkerer event going on in which, the players have to collect certain amount of points to get rewards like AG.