Chat service Discord is adding a new noise suppression feature in beta as part of a partnership with, according to a company blog post.

The feature, which rolls out to all Discord desktop users today, detects and removes background noises so voices can be heard more clearly. “Have a vacuum running in the background; slam a door; ruffle a bag of chips; keep using your really loud keyboard your friends complain about. They won’t be able to hear it,” according to the post.

Krisp will run on devices only to cancel out noise, according to Discord, and no data is sent to its servers. Mobile support is in the works, the company says, and the feature can be toggled on and off in the app settings. Go to pp Settings” > “Voice and Video” > “Advanced” > “Noise Suppression.”

Microsoft said last month that it will be introducing real-time noise suppression for its Teams video chat platform later this year.

As more people stay indoors due to social distancing during the pandemic, chat services have seen their systems strained and their user numbers skyrocket. Since the beginning of the year, Discord says it has seen 50 percent growth in daily voice users in the US. In Spain and France, it’s seen its daily number of people on the platform double. And in Italy, daily users have tripled since the start of 2020.

Source: theverge