Google account owners can finally take advantage of the recently added built-in support for physical security keys on iOS. It allows customers to use their USB-C, NFC, or Lightning security keys for an extra layer of security when signing into a Google account or using Google’s Advanced Protection program.

Google had previously offered more limited support for security key options on iOS, like its Titan security key, which only worked over Bluetooth and had to be used in conjunction with Google’s Smart Lock app. But Apple added broader support for physical security keys in December with the release of iOS 13.3, adding native support for FIDO2-compliant USB-C, NFC, and Lightning security keys.

It’s that update that Google is relying on here, enabling Google account users to employ a much wider range of physical security keys to secure their accounts. Additionally, the new system won’t require using Google’s Smart Lock app, as the support is integrated directly into iOS.

The new support for physical security keys on Google accounts and the Advanced Protection Program is available starting today.

Source: theverge