PUBG Mobile Season 13 is the next chapter for the popular handheld game and version 0.18.0 will arrive on the 7th May!

Season 12 was a landmark chapter for the game - as it celebrated the game's second anniversary.

Leaks and rumours have been scarce for the new season, but we've had some information make its way through so far.


Ranked TDM

There is now a ranked version of TDM called 'Ranked Arena', complete with a leaderboard! You can start grinding now for that number one spot!

When Will PUBG Mobile Season 13 Start?
The PUBG Mobile Season 13 0.18.0 update will likely arrive on the 9th May 2020. There will be no downtime for this update.

Although it's not confirmed, if we apply the same pattern that Season 12 followed we can get a good estimate.

The Season 12 Royale Pass is set to end on the 11th May 2020 at 12am GMT, with Season 13 beginning on the 12th May 2020 at 2am GMT.

Season 12 ranks will end and reset on 12th May 12am GMT, with Season 13 ranks beginning at 2am GMT.

pubg mobile season 12 end date

New Emotes
A new emote is coming to PUBG Mobile Season 13 called "Joyful Twist", according to several YouTubers.

pubg mobile season 13 new emote joyful twist

Photo via Technical Emperor

There's also a new emote called "Shuffling Hands" as well as "Talk to the Hand".

New Skins
There's also a gem-studded Dacia up for grabs.

pubg mobile season 13 gemstudded dacia

New Map - Vikendi 2.0
Just like Erangle 2.0, PUBG Mobile will introduce a new Vikendi 2.0 according to many YouTubers - a new trailer has surfaced.

It's believed this is due to the lack of numbers playing the map currently.

Source: gfinityesports